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Bluetooth Switch

bluetooth switch 1 bluetooth switch 2 bluetooth switch 3

The hardware for this sample application consists only of the Bluetooth module and a 3.3V power supply. Using an Android app you can toggle GPIO7 of the Bluetooth module.
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Bluetooth Signal Generator

bluetooth signal generator 1 bluetooth signal generator 2 bluetooth signal generator 3

The LPC2138 has a built-in DAC, which can be used to generate any waveform (only square, triangle and sine in this example). With an Android app you can control the frequency, gain and offset via Bluetooth.
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Bluetooth Oscilloscope

bluetooth oscilloscope 1 bluetooth oscilloscope 2 bluetooth oscilloscope 3

The ADC of the LPC2138 is used to sample (7Bit) one channel (two channels) with 500kSps (with 250kSps each). The samples are stored and transmitted - via Bluetooth - to an Android app, where the data is displayed. You can adjust the trigger level and edge as well as single or auto-trigger. The curves can be horizontally shifted and zoomed.
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Bluetooth Frequency Meter

bluetooth frequency meter 1 bluetooth frequency meter 2 bluetooth frequency meter 3

The LPC2138 has a powerful timer system. An event counter is used to measure frequencies up to 30MHz. A timer generates the necessary gate time (1s). Instead of counting external pulses during a fix gate time, it is also possible to let the event counter count the internal clock during a variable gate time, i.e. the period of the unknown signal.
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Bluetooth Thermometer

bluetooth thermometer 1 bluetooth thermometer 2 bluetooth thermometer 3

The DS1820 measures temperatures from -55°C to +125°C, with an accuracy of +- half a degree between -10°C and +85°C. Data is read using a special protocol via ONE data line (see data sheet). For this, the LPC2138 is totally over-featured. Any 8Bit MCU (with a serial interface for the Bluetooth module) would do.
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